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About Me

Hey, I'm Milad. I'm a 24 y.o. developer, mentor, student, and at late nights writer!

Currently, I serve as the front-end chapter lead at Ide-kavan Co., I am working in the front-end web development field since my early university years and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

I grew up in Shahr-e-Rey, a district in the south of Tehran state.

After spending my elementary and middle school, I got accepted for NODET and spent my high school there.

After I was ranked 697 on the National entrance exam, I got accepted to study electrical engineering at Shahid Beheshti University

I really didn't feel good about being an electrical engineer and after a couple of semesters, I changed my field to computer engineering at Islamic Azad University.

I spend my free time reading, listening to music, watching tv shows, and enjoying time with my close friends.

Work Experience


  • Front-End Chapter Lead, Ide-Kavan Group

    - Led frontend chapter and successfully implemented re-architecture of whole frontend projects with an explicit roadmap. - Guided and mentored a team of around 11 front-end developers to foster their growth and improve their skills. - Built scalable development pipelines and workflows to have delivery and quality balanced. - Composed over 20 in-depth documents outlining coding standards, style guides, and workflows to ensure the highest levels of code quality and ease of maintenance. - Recruited talented developers to support various projects. - Reviewed over 500 pull requests to ensure code consistency and quality. - Implemented automated code analysis checks to accelerate the review process.


JUL 2020 - MAR 2022 (~2 Year)

  • Front-End Chapter Lead, Arsh Company

    - Contributed to the development of over 8 projects, demonstrating expertise in JavaScript, React, Next.js, and more. - Worked on a diverse range of projects from different industries including Network Marketing, Audio Streaming, Commerce, etc. - Promoted to Frontend Chapter Lead for exceptional performance and leadership skills. - Guided and empowered a team of 4-5 front-end developers to enhance their productivity and increase the average knowledge of the company. - Proven ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver high-quality solutions.


AUG 2019 - JUN 2020 (~1 Year)

  • Front-End Developer, AppTech Company

    - Worked on a diverse range of projects from different industries and regions, improving my communication skills. - Gaining experience in JavaScript, React, React Native, and next.js. - Collaborated with a team of developers to deliver high-quality products on time. - Developed responsive and user-friendly interfaces for web and mobile applications.


APR 2019 - JUL 2019 (3 Month)

  • Front-End Developer, SilverPath Company

    - Worked on a single project, leveraging skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. - Left after one project due to the lack of growth opportunities within the company.


NOV 2017 - MAR 2019 (+1 Year)

  • Front-End Developer, Freelance

    - Executed custom solutions and delivered high-quality websites for clients. - Successfully completed various projects using React, jQuery, WordPress, and … .




  • Starting at Ide-kavan Co.

    After overcoming significant challenges at Arsh Corporation, I made the decision to leave the company in search of new opportunities that align with my career goals and offer a more competitive salary commensurate with my skills and contributions. I have a strong preference for working in a creative and multi-expertise environment, where I can take ownership of implementing large-scale development pipelines. This drove my decision to explore roles outside of large companies, despite receiving satisfying offers. As a result, I joined the Ide-Kavan group, an innovative Iranian startup, where I could challenge myself by leading the rearchitecturing project for their website's front-end, with the aim of achieving long-term sustainability. In my role as a chapter lead, my primary objective was to foster sustainability across the company's projects while also supporting the growth and development of approximately 10 front-end team members. By embracing this new opportunity, I aimed to combine my expertise, creativity, and leadership skills to drive positive change and contribute to the success of the Ide-Kavan group.



  • Becoming Chapter Lead

    I proved myself to headquarters in my challenges and became lead of the front-end development chapter.



  • Starting At Arsh Co.

    After reaching a good knowledge of React, I decided to have a new challenge and work on larger projects and I chose Arsh Company to continue.



  • Changing Field

    After one year of flip-flopping, I decided to change my field of study to computer engineering. I can't forget the hell my parents raised because of my decision.

  • This is when I started to grow my hair :)

  • Left My First Job

    As time goes by, I realized it wasn't really anything to learn for me in that company, so I officially quit my first job

  • Starting At AppTech

    I found a good company to experience new challenges. I improved my React knowledge there and learned React Native.



  • University

    Endeavor paid off! I got accepted to study electrical engineering at Shahid Beheshti University, couldn't be happier but ...

  • Took Couple Semesters Off

    I took a couple of semesters off to work on companies and professional teams.

  • First Day At Work

    As a night owl, I had a firm reason to hate that day and the days ahead, but my love for learning and competing, helped me keep going.



  • Choosing National entrance exam Path

    I was hopelessly in love with Mathematics, I always dreamed my 40 y.o. version to be a bald skinny, not attractive professor who hates kids, but after putting all my efforts and love into learning it, I decided to concentrate on the national entrance exam.



  • First Computer

    My father bought a computer for my 10th birthday, Whoa!



  • Starting School

    Nothing special to say about this, like every other Iranian kid, I went to a school under a system that kill the creativity and happiness of students.



  • Early School

    when I was 4, I took a test to see if I'm ready for school and I passed it! but I was even smaller than kids my age so my parents decided that I stick to the routine.



  • born

    Born and raised as a single child ...



From 2020

  • Computer Engineering

    Islamic Azad University, GPA: A+


2017 - 2019

  • Electrical Engineering

    Shahid Beheshti University, GPA: B

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